Monday, December 20, 2010


things you should know about me:

i'm a young college student, mother, and wifey.

i can cook, but i choose not to because i loathe it.
i write down hundreds of recipes because i want to be a good cook, but i get too lazy

i love Christmas decorations.

i'm a die-hard harry potter fan.

even though i'm 22 i still get scared of thunderstorms, and wind.
my biggest fear is being in a tornado.

i hate being alone.

my husband makes a better housewife than i do.

i let the laundry pile up a little too high before i get everything washed.

i love being crafty, but most of the time i am too lazy to get anything done. 

i hate driving. 

i preach a lot of about healthy eating, but don't follow my own rules a lot of the time.

i could've lost the baby weight a long time ago.

i can go a record long time without shaving my legs.

i'm the worst back-seat driver.

i can be the laziest mom.

i wish i could be a better friend sometimes. 

i hate making people wait on me.

i hate snow

when baby k is being sweet and cute i want three kids, but when she is being fussy i only want one. 

sometimes i worry that i am doing everything wrong as a mother. 

i love picking dry glue off my fingers.

i have to sleep with some noise, like a fan.

i hate when the hubs sings the words to a song before you hear them in the song. 

i'm scared that i'm going to fail at a photography, despite the passion that i have for it. 

i have a fear of being disliked.

i miss some of the friendships that i have lost. 

i can hold a serious grudge. 

i love that my husband is over a foot taller than me.

i hate taking showers, especially in the morning.

corey is my gay bestfriend and my husband all in one :)
(because he is the best shopper i know, and can pick out the best clothes for me!)

i could sit down and watch america's funniest home videos all day.  

despite what most people think my favorite music is hard-rock/metal.
favorite band is metallica, and i'm seriously in love with james hetfield. 

hello my name is courtney, and i'm addicted to caffeine free diet coke. 

i can't wait until i have my last child so i can get a tummy tuck.

i can go from acting like a grown-up to acting like a complete child within a matter of seconds. 

i'm in love with ellen degeneres, and i write her a billion letters to get on her show, but i guess she doesn't love me back :(

i'm one of the worlds pickiest eaters...seriously, i ordered a tomato basil pasta without the tomatoes one time. 

i would rather the hubs not clean up my things because if im going to be messy, at least i know where my stuff will be. 

i hate my legs. 

i loooooove chocolate milk.

i can't pop ice cubes out of the tray because it makes my knees buckle and my skin crawl. the hubs has to do it for me while i'm in the other room. 

i hate my hair.

i could seriously go on for days. i might just have to do a second blog post in the future. 
this post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers little miss momma.

so what should i know about you guys?


  1. i love your list! i totally relate to - letting laundry pile up, hate driving, record time for not shaving my legs, worst backseat driver, hate snow, picking off glue, loving ellen, and being a picky eater.. see, you could've written my list for me! haah.

  2. Oh my goodness, your baby is precious!! Great list too! :)

  3. Are we sisters from another mother?!? I can relate to most of your list. I have a huge HUGE fear of bieng disliked but I hate being fake so I was so nervous when I started blogging, I thought no one was going to like my blog :/

  4. Thank you Ashley!

    Bonnie- I was afraid to share personal things on my blog too, but I've been so inspired by other blogs that I learned to stop being afraid!

  5. I know how you feel about the loving being crafty but getting to lazy. That is 100% me!

  6. I could have written most of these on my list too! I hate having people wait on me, don't like my hair, don't like showers, horrible about shaving my legs, too lazy to do crafts sometimes, and I could go on...

    Visiting you from LMM.

  7. First off, it should be illegal to have SUCH A CUTE baby--like seriously beautiful! Baby W had and HAS major sleep issues as well. In addition to being a violent sleeper, we just discovered he has minor sleep apnea--I haven't slept a full night in 18 months!

    Secondly, I LOVE you list and it turns out we have a lot in common!


  8. New follower here!

    Found you through the little miss momma link up.

    Your list is awesome! We have a lot of things in common and it's nice when people lay the truth (sometimes ugly!) out there.

    We both hate to drive and let the laundry pile up (:

    Love for you to check out my list.



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