Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting My Butt Back In Shape!

As promised, today is the start of what will be an on-going series of getting my butt back in shape! 

2 things before we begin:
1.    This isn't a New Years weight loss resolution. I can't help the timing fell around New Years. I'm a college student who is lucky that her university has 3 gyms! The only downside is that these gyms are only open when school is in session. 
I never had time to work out last semester, because we hadn't received a spot in childcare for Baby K. We were fortunate to be able to work our schedules out to where one of us would always be home, but that left zero Mommy time! As soon as classes were over the hubs had to go to work, and the few times we were home together I wanted to relax while Corey provided a break for me. 
Now, Baby K has childcare, which means more time to do things for me, hitting the gym being one of them.

2.  This isn't a weight loss goal. Okay, it might be a partial weight loss goal, but I really don't need to lose that much. 
I lost all of the baby weight a few weeks after I had Baby K, but things just aren't the same. My main goal is to get into shape, not to be "skinny."

 Growing up, I played sports ALL the time. I think the longest I went without playing a sport was maybe 2 months, since I was 4 years old. 
If I wasn't playing volleyball, softball, or swimming, then I was playing with friends in basketball, running, going to the gym, hiking or skiing. 

Getting exercise or eating right were never things I thought of, until I got to college. Going from playing 2 sports at a time, year-round, to being a freshman in college didn't sit well with me, in fact, it welcomed the freshman 15, only I gained 30 more pounds than that. 

My eating habits didn't change. It was my serious lack in exercise. Sure, I was playing Club Volleyball, but we only practiced twice a week.
I'm sharing all of this with you only to prove that I can do this, because I have done it before. I have ventured on a weight loss journey before where I lost the Freshmen 45 plus some. 
{That is me at almost 180 lbs! Be easy on me, not many people have seen these pictures, I keep them as motivation. Also notice the short hair, and braces ick. Yes, I had braces in college, but that is a whole different sad story.}

{I realize that these pictures are random, but I didn't have many on my computer. Be easy on the one in the middle, it took a lot to post that one. I believe I was at 145 in the middle pic, and 140 in the other two}

I lost even more weight right before I got pregnant, which is a sad thing to find out by the way. I got down to 135, which is what I was in high school. 
These were the last pictures taken before my baby bump arrived. I'm pretty sure I took these the day I found out, only because I was so excited at my progress, I was sad to see it go. There was no telling what my body would look like after I had a baby.

It's been six months since I've had Baby K. Like I said, I've lost the weight. I currently weigh 138ish, but my body is completely different. My stomach is just a lose blob. I've always had very low self-esteem, especially when it came to my body, so even though I'm proud to have carried a child, I don't like my post-baby body. 

I'm on a mission to get my butt back into shape. Not only to feel comfortable in my own skin again, but also so I can regain a healthy lifestyle. I can't raise K to lead a healthy and active life, if I am a couch potato. 

Well here it goes, this is what I have to start with. I feel comfortable posting these pictures, only because I know you guys will be easy on me, most of you probably understand. I'm also posting these pictures to hold myself accountable for the outcome.

January 8, 2011
 Not too bad right? You can't even see my C-section scar. 
Like I said, this isn't a weight-loss journey, but a getting-back-in-shape-after-a-baby journey. 

I'm giving myself a deadline of March 8. Random? Not really. That is our Spring Break, and we were fortunate enough to have a very close friend give us a vacation to Florida for our Christmas present. 

I haven't worn a Bikini in 3 summers. I will be in one while we are in Florida!

I'm going to eat right, and exercise over the next three months. I might even do the Couch to 5K that my lovely sister-in-law suggested. I'll be sure to post progress reports for everyone as well

 If you are currently on a mission to lose weight, I encourage you to share it with your friends, or even if you have a blog. Nothing can keep you as accountable as public declaration!

Wish me luck!


  1. You are truly beautiful person Courtney, and I am so excited for you! I think it is awesome that you are "documenting" your journey! As a mommy of two babies, I know how hard it is to embrace the changes that come along with a post pregnancy body-I am SOOO proud of you for embracing it and sharing it! You look fantastic now- I can't wait to see you in March!

  2. Amazing!!! You look incredible now. We can't wait to follow your journey. Thank you for posting those pictures, it's inspiring. We're your newest friends from MBC via the Follow Each Other In Blogs group! Swing by our little bloggy world, you're always welcome!

    your newest friends,
    koco & viking

  3. Thank you, Laura, I really couldn't have asked for a better sister-in-law :)

    Koco & Viking- Thank you, I'm getting ready to check out your blog now!

  4. You look AMAZING!! Go Girl! woo! woo! lol.
    I need to stop being lazy and get my butt into shape, I hate looking at pictures of me now because I now this isn't me, I know I can feel and look so much better :) You've inpired me to start doing something about it!

  5. Bonnie, I'm so glad I could inspire someone, that was my goal!



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