Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally some good news!

If you have been a follower of my blog, then you might know how much I hate the apartment we are living in right now. You would also know what a struggle it has been trying to move out of here. Last year we almost had a subleaser lined up and we were going to move into a very nice condo, but then our landlord refused to let them lease our apartment because they weren’t 18 yet.

It’s time for some serious job hunting now that Corey and I are done with school. However, the hunt can’t be taken seriously because we’re stuck with this lease until July 31st. If Corey was to find a job, say in Winston or Asheville, we would be out of luck because we can’t afford to rent two places at once. We have to find someone to take over our lease from January to July.

I’ve had the apartment listed on Craigslist since October, with a few bites here and there. We had several people come to look at it, but they were smarter than us and didn’t want it. The worst part? Every time we had appointments lined up to show it to someone, it snowed the day before. If you know about where I live, then you understand why that sucks so much. Our building sits on the side of a mountain. The view of Boone from our window is amazing, but the hill you have to drive up isn’t. In the winter, the thing on everyone’s mind is how accessible their home will be in the snow. Our side of the building never sees sunlight, so when our stair case is covered in snow, it never melts. It just keeps getting icier. Oh, and I live on the 3rd floor!! Needless to say, it is very dangerous walking up and down the stairs in the winter. Every time someone came to look at the place, the stairs were covered in snow. We’ve had the worst luck.

Last week we had four people come look at it. I thought our luck might be changing. The last group of girls seemed very interested and told us they would be going to sign subleasing papers the next day on Friday. I couldn’t believe we were finally going to have someone take it. I was stressing out Thursday night and all day Friday just waiting for them to say they’ve started the paperwork. They texted me around lunch time saying they couldn’t go until Monday… I am the most anxious person there is. I was a wreck. Now I would have to wait all weekend. I wouldn’t be happy until I knew papers were signed to make everything official. Monday came around and I still didn’t hear anything. I sent them several texts, but never got a response. My hopes were all gone after that.

I went to our landlord’s website to make sure our apartment was still listed, but didn’t find it anywhere, so I gave them a call. I told the woman I was calling to see if maybe our listing was taken down because the girls had gone by without telling me, but she surprised me. Apparently a couple that came to look at it the week before had been in contact with them and were in the process of filling out paperwork. I had to make sure she was working with the right apartment because the couple had told me a few nights earlier they didn’t want it. I was so happy! All the paperwork was already done; they were just waiting on a check for a non-refundable fee. I was told she would call me in a few days to be officially released. Even though I felt a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders I was still nervous. Like I said I have terrible anxiety. I wouldn’t be happy until the check was in and we were officially released.
Corey and I really needed this to work out because we had the perfect situation lined up. We don’t exactly know where will be living in the future, so we needed a temporary living situation. We have an awesome friend whose dad bought a condo for him to live in while he was in school. He is graduating the same time are, so he’ll be moving home. His parents have offered to let us live in his condo until the end of April. That is the perfect amount of time for us to figure out if we will be living in Boone or moving somewhere else. We’ve been working all week to get things set up with that, but I was still so worried something would go wrong with the couple wanting to lease our apartment, because things like that always happen to me and Corey.

BUT!! I just received a call from our landlord officially releasing us from our lease!! You have no idea how much weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Not only will we be able to decide where we want to live in the future without constraints, but we will be living in a much safer environment. This is a great apartment for college students, but it’s not the best place to have a family. There are always loud parties going on, and the stairs are just so dangerous when icy, especially for a toddler and pregnant woman. I also want to get away from an apartment with fireplaces. I'm always worried a drunk student won't be taking care of their fire, and our living room always smells like a campfire.  Every time the people below us slam their door, our entire apartment shakes, and our floor creaks with every step we take...ugh! Can you tell I hate this place!

Now that we don't have to worry about this place, we have until April to figure out where in the world we are going to live (not to mention we'll be spending that time in a very nice condo!) It's been such a hard decision, but Corey has applications out and with the apartment being subleased, we have one less thing to worry about. I'm hoping within the next year we will finally be able to settle down and move into our first "real" home. For anyone who is still reading after this way-too-long post, thanks for sitting through it. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal to most, but we have been working so long to get this place rented out and to move into a better place. Moving day is the 29th and I am so excited!! Now my anxiety can finally chill out!


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