Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vday Baby and a Mustache

I take a lot of pictures of Baby K, but I've been wanting to do another set-up photo shoot with her, and I figured Valentines Day was the perfect excuse. 

After I finished I realized that if it wasn't February, you wouldn't know that these pictures are supposed to be for V-day. Oh well! They're still cute!

If you read my blog frequently, then you know that I'm working to be a self-taught photographer, and after learning more, and taking more pictures, my dream becomes clearer. I love this. I want to do this. For the rest of my life. 

The pictures turned out so well, but of course, I do have a pretty cute subject.

I hope you enjoy!

{My first homemade tutu!}

Yes, those are her real eye lashes. I could eat them up. Delicious!

{This was my favorite!}

Of course I am no professional, but with time and practice, I hope to get better, and turn my hobby into a side-job, or even a career!


A few days ago I received a necklace in the mail that I ordered from the Little Miss Momma Etsy shop,
and I loooove it!

Ashley at Little Miss Momma is so adorable. I blog-stalk her frequently read her blog occasionally. The first thing I noticed on her blog was a picture of her modeling a mustache necklace. I had to have one.
The Moustache Necklace--Black Acrylic stache necklace on a silver chain
Lucky for me, she sells them in her shop, along with some freakishly cute rings that I would love to have some day. 

I was going to model it for you, but I'm having a lazy day, you wouldn't want to see how I look right now.
Besides, it looks cute on Kynlee too!

You should check her out!


  1. Courtney Courtney Courtney, you have the most BEAUTIFUL daughter and you take such fabulous pictures! I about died when I saw the moustache pic! I am in love!!!

  2. great pictures!! i'm jealous of your talent :D keep taking pictures!! I hope to see more :D

  3. I am in love with your blog, you are an amazing photographer! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  4. i love the beautiful pictures of your baby and the one at the end with the stockings is my favorite too :)

  5. Kynlee is the most beautiful baby girl in the world! Love her so much- I want to bite her!

  6. Lovely photos! From the looks of these, you are well on your way to fulfilling your photography dreams!

  7. as a fellow self-taught amateur photographer, I think the photos look great! I use my daughter as a subject a lot too!

  8. Oh what a beautiful baby... serious. she is gorgeous!!!! great photos. I think you can call your self a professional alrady!

  9. LMM sent me here!! your baby is a doll! you are a great photog! i too am aspiring to be a photog, but you are way more advanced than i am!! wtg!

  10. Beautiful photos! Your little girl is so lovely. I think you are definitely on the way to fulfilling your photography dream. Or pretty much there, I would definitely pay for shots like this for my daughter...

    Feel like coming to Australia?

  11. Thank you so much everyone! Your kind words mean a lot :)

  12. your pictures are so awesome...i love the tights on you with the baby in the middle such a cute idea!

  13. Your photography is amazing! She is so sweet :)



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