Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have been exhausted lately, and so has my little girl. I can't tell if her tummy hurts her, or if she is getting colic. But she has been doing a lot of crying and not a whole lot of sleeping. Last night I was so desperate, I put her in her car seat and swung her around. We have a perfectly good swing, which happens to be the same exact thing as her car seat, but she cries whenever I put her in it. She is asleep right now by some miracle, let's hope it stays that way! Mommy could use a good nights sleep! Speaking of sleep, we finally have our bed!!!! So now I don't have to sleep on a couch, and we can finish organizing our apartment, and have guests come meet Kynlee!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not home sweet home yet!

Still trying to get settled into our new apartment. We don't have our bed up here yet, so it's been really hard getting everything unpacked. We've been sleeping the living room on an air mattress. So between that, and Kynlee's pack-and-play, we have no room, and it's very frustrating! But hopefully we will have it tomorrow, and then we can finally get settled in! I really want all of my friends to come see our baby girl, but when you can barely walk in the living room its really hard. Soon, everyone will get to come see the cute little baby I cooked up =)


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