Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life Updated (Part 1)

My life is completely different from when I was blogging regularly. I've had a second child, moved to a new town, and started a new job. With all the new, I haven't had a great outlet to talk about the changes. Blogging was a good thing for me because I had somewhere to express my feelings. It's good therapy.

Let's talk about the new.

The new job!

This job couldn't have come at a better time. I was feeling a little down after the move, which is a whole different topic that deserves it's own post. When Corey went back to school to study Physical Therapy, I felt a lot of pressure to find a good job. I looked for months. I started to get very upset and frustrated because either there weren't any jobs available or I didn't have enough experience for the ones that were out there. Sure, I could have worked at a restaurant or store, but it was pointless for me to work if I didn't make enough money to pay for childcare. I really tried to focus on jobs where my degree was useful, which really narrowed down an already limited market.

During four months of looking I only felt comfortable enough to apply for one job. I even felt like I was taking a shot in the dark with it. I never thought I would receive any feedback. I applied on a Saturday night, and received a phone call at 9am on Monday morning from their human resources manager. I was shocked! After getting that first phone call I started to research the company, and I started to get very excited. It seemed like an amazing place to work- nice building, good co-workers, full benefits, and not to mention a salary job!

I had a phone interview first and I got so nervous afterwards. I really thought I blew my chances. When I got off the phone, I paced around the house because I felt like it went so poorly. I ended up calling him right back. I couldn't help myself. It's like I had a word-vomit. I told him I didn't feel like I got everything across to him that I wanted to. I expressed my interest in the job more, and told him I was very happy to have received his call. The next few days were torture. I was worrying myself sick waiting for another call. I was told it could be 4-6 weeks before I heard anything. Torture, pure torture.

Two days later he called me back! He told me I had a face-to-face interview next. I was thrilled!  Over the next few days I bought a suit, and spent hours preparing. Strangely, I wasn't nervous at all. I was just anxious because I wanted to get it over with. When I walked in, I thought the building was absolutely beautiful, it got me so excited. I interviewed with two people that day, and I left feeling so confident. Still, I was told it could be a week before I heard anything. I got a call THE VERY NEXT DAY. I couldn't believe it, they wanted to do a third interview. By this point, I felt so invested in the whole process I would do anything to make that job mine.

The third interview was with 2 more people. I didn't know what to expect because I'm not used to having so many interviews. When I called Corey afterwards, the first thing I said when he answered was "nailed it!" Again though, the HR guy told me it could be another 4-8 weeks. 4-8 weeks?! Do they know what they are doing to me? I was a wreck . I know he said 4-8 weeks, but the more time that passed between the last meeting, the more I started to doubt myself. That first day afterwards, I told Corey I knew with 100% certainty, that it was my job. Two weeks later, I started to get depressed because I felt it slipping from my grasp. I guess I just expected to hear sooner because I got a call earlier than expected the last two times.

Right when I thought they chose someone else I got a call with the job offer. I was so happy. I ran downstairs after I got off the phone and jumped in to Corey's arms and just started crying. I never expected to be getting such an awesome job for my first job after college.

This is where I work!

Isn't is so pretty?! Still can't believe I work there.

I'm the new benefits coordinator for JBA Benefits, which is a part of Allegacy's Business Solutions. They provide and manage employee benefits for companies and small businesses. It probably doesn't sound like fun to you, but I love it. Everyone in the entire building is so so nice. Even the CEO will stop and talk when he sees you.

I'm feeling super lucky to have started my career. I am a much happier person these days with being able to get out of the house and have adult conversations. Not to mention provide a better life for my family. It has made me super excited for Corey to finish school so we can finally live somewhat of a normal life. I am dreaming of buying that first house soon :)


  1. Yay, congrats Courtney!!!!! I'm so happy for you.

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