Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Weather and Snot Bubbles

Today was magical. If you know me at all, then you know I bear a grudge against winter. We don't get along. I hate being cold, and having to bundle up every time I go outside. I don't know if you have ever been to Boone, but it's been labeled the "Colorado" of the South, for a good reason. 

You get the idea, right? Brr, those pictures give me chills. 
All of those pictures were taken on campus, and that is what I have been walking through to get to class all winter....not fun!

Today, however, God blessed us with a beautiful January day that felt much like spring with 55-60 degree weather! It was glorious I tell you! I get so excited over the first warm day after months of frigid weather. Probably a little too excited. I had the hubs wanting to put me in a choke hold from hopping, and dancing around the apartment, wanting to go outside. Seriously, I'm not kidding, I was literally dancing around the apartment. 

Kynlee thought I was a little overzealous too, she was still wearing her jammies and bed-head, when I was ready to go. 
She finally caught onto the idea, and was just as excited as me!

A walk on the Greenway seemed like the perfect family-fun-day activity (yes, whenever Corey is off work, and we have nothing to do, we automatically declare that day family-fun-day).

 She always makes the best faces when we cross this bridge because of  how bumpy it is. 

 This is what happens when I give Corey the camera....
 ...and this is me calling him out on it. 
 Boone seems to come alive with the first hint of warm weather, and I love it. 
I often tell Corey my absolute favorite day of the year is the first warm day of spring, and the Sanford Mall on campus is packed with students lounging, tight-rope-walking, and throwing frisbee. It makes my heart jump for joy in a way that I can't explain. It's Prozac, Baby!
 {I realize this day is still quite a few weeks away, but a girl can dream right?}

Even though this weekend was just a tease, and the cold weather will be back in a few days, we still enjoyed ourselves. 

{I was determined to get a picture of her smiling on this bench, but she had this look the whole time because she was so distracted by everyone walking by, and she had to study each and every person, dog, and bike.}

Today was a brilliant day, that's all there is to it. 

Oh! I almost forgot about the snot bubbles!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I've been MIA

It seemed like I had been slacking on my blog lately. Part of me blamed it on doubt. Doubt whether or not I could keep up with this blog in the wake of the semester from Hell, or doubt whether I wanted to.

I've really enjoyed blogging, but sometimes life is so overwhelming, I just don't have time for it. However, when I do have time, I find this blog is a great place to share my feelings, and have love and support from everyone because of it. So no worries, I'm here to stay.

Now it's time for me to admit the real reason why I have been slacking. I wish I could say the biggest reason was school. While that is a big factor, it's not the main cause. The culprit? My Kindle. It was a gift from the hubs for Christmas, and I am in looove.

It's my new BFF. I thought I would miss turning the crisp pages of a new book, but now I live to press the button that will take me to the next page.

I love reading, and now I can have all of my books in one place. I've been so engrossed in a new series, that I've been reading whenever I can. Now it's time to share how many books I have read in the last 2 weeks. No judging allowed! Are you ready? 5 books, and I've started on the 6th in this series.

I said no judging!

You're probably wondering when I've had the time. It's kind of sad actually. I've been putting forth the necessary work for school/sleep, but every single second of spare time I have had, has been devoted to my Kindle. I guess it's really the book series I've been reading, rather than the Kindle, but you get the idea.

This is probably what I should be doing instead of reading.

I promise as soon as I have finished the last book, I will become a nerd for school again, and come back to my blog, but for now, let me enjoy getting wrapped up into the world of the Vampire Academy books. Yes, I said Vampire Academy. Don't knock it until you've tried it. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Thing I've Learned...

A funny thing happens when you become a parent, you learn who your real friends are. I can't think of a more simple way to put it. 

When I first learned that I was going to be a parent, one of the many worries in my head were of "losing myself," wondering if I would ever have time for me again. These thoughts were quickly laid to rest, because I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. Being a mom is who I am. I guess you could say I found myself in Kynlee.I realized I had to lose a few things along the way though. 

I lost the freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted, like sleep, shopping, working out, you get the idea. However, I'm not complaining about losing these things, because everything I have gained, outweighs what I have lost. I would like a little more sleep, but that is a whole different topic I won't bother you with right now. Losing those details, were nothing to losing friends. 

When I got pregnant, I had so many friends that were just as happy as I was. I had friends who would soon be "aunt" or "uncle" to my baby, and I was excited. Excited at the show of love and support. Excited that even though my life would be very different, I had a hope of my friendships not changing.

Boy was I wrong. I quickly realized some people aren't meant to be a huge part of your life, and some people provide more meaningful, lasting relationships than others. I still have a few friends in Boone that I see every once in a while, and I am so grateful for them. I also have those that I grew up with, who will always be in my life, and I have also gained the friendships of fellow mommies, even if I can only communicate with them online, it's still worth it, because they understand a bit more than anyone else.

Some days I don't mind so much, being an only child can sometimes make me a bit of a homebody. On these days, nothing makes me happier than spending time with my Kynlee Bear, and the hubs. Then there are days when I think about all of the good times I used to have with a plethora of friends, and those are the days where I get sad.

I keep reminding myself that I have a completely different life than I used to, and with that will come with different company. I feel like all of this longing for my old circle of friends would go away if I didn't live in Boone anymore, where I'm surrounded by students who don't relate to my lifestyle. I really wish I had a mommy friend up here :(

I did what I could to keep the friend flames burning, but wasn't met with a mutual desire in most cases.. In the end, I'm not resentful. I understand I have a different purpose in life, and some wouldn't be able to keep up with that lifestyle. To the friends who have stuck by my side, thank you, you know who you are, and even though we don't get to see each other often, I hope you all know how grateful I am for a random lunch date, or a quick visit to my apartment. Thank you. I'm also grateful for the handful of mommies whom I knew growing up but now have a link with, or the ones I have met online, and even though we only communicate through the internet, I know they are there to talk if I need to.

Wow! Sorry for such a depressing post! To someone reading my blog, it would seem like I have been sulking lately, I promise I'm not going to go jump off of a bridge anytime soon, just nice to have somewhere to vent!

And I always have this face to cheer me up!

Friend Finding Fridays

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My New Obsession... a baby in leggings.

Particularly my baby in leggings..

to. die. for.

How delicious is that?

So delicious it has been a big distraction to me today.

...and this is her "why-aren't-you-playing-with-me-mommy?" face
(and I can't not start a sentence with and.)

Dear Hubs, I need more to feed my obsession. You know which one's I want :) Love you!

 Weekend Bloggy Reading

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I don't know what to title this.

I have no doubt that this will be the most random blog post you have ever read, but it's my blog so I can do what I want :)

 I have been feeling a lack of passion lately...for life, for school, or my blog. I'm in a funk I guess, and it has disturbed me to the point that I could not find the means to bring back the flame. Everything has been crazy. School is getting really hard, and Kynlee decided to go on another sleep strike while the hubs was sick for a week. I've cried...a lot. I've been wanting to find a way out of everything, but life isn't that easy, so I had to put on mybig-girl-panties (btw, I hate loathe the word panties, I always have. But that is how the phrase goes, so I had to say it, right?) and learn to pick myself up and get out of this emotional mess. 

I knew this semester was going to be hard, but I had no clue I was going to be freaking out after the first 2 weeks. My classes require me to devote a lot of free time that I don't have to studying or reading. Before I became a parent, I was able to spend hours studying after school, but now I'm changing diapers, playing peek-a-boo, or consoling a crying baby. I was hoping to spend what free time I do have at the gym, but instead, I'm afraid I will need to spend it on my studies. 

At least I'm able to have a break from watching K now that the hubs isn't sick anymore. It was horrible, I felt so bad for him, and it wasn't easy on either of us. K still sleeps in our room, so Corey has had to sleep on the couch the past week because he can't stop coughing. Not that I've really been sleeping. K picked the best time to go on another sleep!

It was a struggle to get her to sleep, and a struggle to keep her asleep. Since Corey was sick, I tried to let him rest as much as I could by staying up with her...every night...for a week. I was so tired. So tired I cried. So tired, I struggle to stay awake in class. So tired that instead of picking her up from day care after class, I came back to the apartment and took the world's greatest nap. She did eventually get over the strike, as soon as Corey got better, of course.

I at least have one good thing to share: we have gotten Kynlee on a real schedule. She eats, sleeps, and wakes up at the same time every day! It is very refreshing. Before she was in childcare we had no structure to our day. She napped when she got tired, ate whenever she got hungry, and went to bed whenever she couldn't stay awake any longer. Child care has been a really good thing for us, because we have to get her there the same time every morning, which means she wakes up at the same time, meaning she does everything else (napping, eating) at the same time every day. It's really nice, and really convenient. K used to go to bed anywhere from 11-2am, now she goes to bed from 8:30-9! Even though we have to get up early on the weekends, having free time at night is heaven. 

I'm so happy Kynlee can sit up on her own now. She's been able to for weeks, but now she stays sitting up and plays by herself. It's nice that I can leave her sitting up to do something around the apartment instead of having to sit close to her to catch her when she falls. 

She amazes me how quickly she learns and grows. I remember telling Corey a week or two ago, that I couldn't wait until she could sit up longer, that it felt like she should be doing it already, and the next day she sat up for 30 minutes just playing. 

 {She makes some crazy faces}

It's rare that I get her to smile anymore, she usually ends up giving me this soultry, I know I'm attractive model face, or it's just that she see's the camera all the time, and is tired of smiling for it. 

She is very close to crawling. She crawled backwards one time, all the way from one edge of the rug to the other. But I think it was just a fluke, because she hasn't done it again. I'm fine with her not crawling yet, she can take her time. That just means she will stay put where I place her. Except for rolling around and scooting everywhere, I don't have to keep up with her too much. 

She is such a little bit. Around 4-5 months she had grown some respectable thunder things, now those things are history, replaced by scrawny legs. I don't know if this happened because she lost a pound from being sick, or if she wasn't meant to be a chubby baby, but she is tiny! She is the same size as a couple of 3-4 month olds that I know. She can even still wear some 3-6 month clothing. There is another 6-month old at daycare that makes her look like a dwarf. . Her feet still don't touch the ground without help in her jumper.

I told you this was the most random blog post ever, and I really don't even know how to end it. I feel like this post is just as blah has my life has been lately. Forgive me if I conclude this without an eloquent, life-altering ending.

The end? 


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