Monday, January 10, 2011

K's 2nd First Day of School!

Remember this post? 
Yeah, I wasn't too excited for Baby K's new childcare. To be honest, I didn't want her to go to childcare at all, but this place made having to leave her, even harder. 

If you've been following my blog then you know what a struggle it's been to find a child care center for K. We put our names on a waiting list about a month after we found out I was pregnant, yet when time came for us to go back to school, we didn't have a spot anywhere in town. 

Fortunately, I was able to cut my schedule down to where I was home with her all the time, except for 2 hours MWF, when we used a babysitter, then Corey stayed with her Monday and Tuesday nights for my night classes. 

This semester was a little different. There was no way we could work out our schedules to be home all the time. I have to keep 12 credit hours in order to keep my scholarship, so I had to go to school. 

Sure I could take a break and come back later, but I'm so close to graduating, and I know I would never come back if I did.

Anyways! We found out at the beginning of Christmas break that we had a spot in a small daycare. It wasn't at the top of our list, but it also wasn't at the bottom. When we went and visited, I put on a happy face, and reminded myself that there is no way they could have been open for 20 years if it was a bad place. 

Luckily, K was only there for a week when we got a call from our top choice, the ASU Child Development Center. At first, this place was our top choice because it's right next to campus, it caters to students, and it has awesome reviews. When we went for a tour, we found out there were so many more reasons for it to be on the top of our list. 

This place is wonderful! I fell in love with it on our tour. The staff is so kind, and caring. The director is so friendly, and welcoming, and she has been there since the place opened. I love the woman that works in the infant room, you can tell she loves what she does, and she is very good at it. 

I felt even more welcomed when we received our first parent newsletter, and this was included.
 That may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but after the daycare that she was in, I think it's wonderful!

Today was her first day, and she seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. Of course I was so sad to leave her, but I honestly trust this place to watch my daughter. Everyone there seemed to love her as well. 

Everyone I talked to has told me their child seemed smarter after working with the staff at the center, so I'm excited to see everything she learns from the staff, other babies!

I hope her second day goes as smoothly as her first!

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