Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Starting To Develop a Fear of Icicles

If any of you live in Boone, then you know it's like living in a snow globe. It's always cold, icy, and snowy.

If it's possible, I have developed a legit fear of icicles. 

To some, this may seem pretty. To me, it seems sharp. 
We live on the third floor of our apartment building, so there are also icicles hanging down through our deck, into the staircase going down. I'm so scared of one of them falling while we are walking up, especially with Baby K. 
I'm also worried that while knocking them down, our neighbors will decide to walk outside, only to be met by a sharp object falling out of the sky. 
Whatever happens, these need to go! Mommy's anxiety can't take it!

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