Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I've been MIA

It seemed like I had been slacking on my blog lately. Part of me blamed it on doubt. Doubt whether or not I could keep up with this blog in the wake of the semester from Hell, or doubt whether I wanted to.

I've really enjoyed blogging, but sometimes life is so overwhelming, I just don't have time for it. However, when I do have time, I find this blog is a great place to share my feelings, and have love and support from everyone because of it. So no worries, I'm here to stay.

Now it's time for me to admit the real reason why I have been slacking. I wish I could say the biggest reason was school. While that is a big factor, it's not the main cause. The culprit? My Kindle. It was a gift from the hubs for Christmas, and I am in looove.

It's my new BFF. I thought I would miss turning the crisp pages of a new book, but now I live to press the button that will take me to the next page.

I love reading, and now I can have all of my books in one place. I've been so engrossed in a new series, that I've been reading whenever I can. Now it's time to share how many books I have read in the last 2 weeks. No judging allowed! Are you ready? 5 books, and I've started on the 6th in this series.

I said no judging!

You're probably wondering when I've had the time. It's kind of sad actually. I've been putting forth the necessary work for school/sleep, but every single second of spare time I have had, has been devoted to my Kindle. I guess it's really the book series I've been reading, rather than the Kindle, but you get the idea.

This is probably what I should be doing instead of reading.

I promise as soon as I have finished the last book, I will become a nerd for school again, and come back to my blog, but for now, let me enjoy getting wrapped up into the world of the Vampire Academy books. Yes, I said Vampire Academy. Don't knock it until you've tried it. 


  1. I have the Vampire Academy books! I got them for christmas...but i havent read them yet but im guessing they are pretty great then? :)

  2. Yes! They are sooo good, I'm in love with them!

  3. I totally get your love for the kindle. I finally swapped my BB for an iphone and I haven't put it down. Love. I came from Tara's hop and am following you now-your daughter looks close in age to mine?

    Have a great Saturday!

  4. Absolutely love the photos - breathtaking photography :)

    I'm a new Google and Networked Blogs follower. I came across your blog on the Weekend Blog Hop.

    I would love if you followed me back! Check out my savings blog!

    Thanks, look forward to your posts.

    ♥ Gabrielle

  5. I'm visiting from the blog hop. I, too, received a Kindle for Christmas. As a bookaholic, I wasn't sure if I could switch over. But within the space of a few hours, the time it took to read one book, I was hooked! I have a page in the header of my blog where I list a few books that are free downloads for Kindle. I'd love to have you join the February Christian fiction book club if you're so inclined (details here: Blessings!



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