Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Design!

After many hours studying up on some html, and designing my blog, I have finally finished!

Thank you for sticking through the endless header changes, I was trying to make sure I had it exactly the way I wanted. 

Why so many changes you ask? I have entered into a blog contest that ends tomorrow. Of course I procrastinated, I always do! 

Everything is done, and I promise there won't be anymore changes (at least big ones) for a long time!

There are so many things that I would still like to learn, like how to customize my page titles below the header (if anyone could help, that would be awesome!) But, for now I am very happy with what I've done! Wish me luck!

What do you guys think of the new blog design?!?


  1. i love what you have done!! Adorable!

    newest follower from

  2. Looks fantastic! Good luck in the contest!I'm in too, so may the best blog win ;) I don't envy the judges, they all look so cute.

    I can help you customise the page titles.. it took me forever to work it out. I'll send you an email in a few days with details when I've got some steps typed out.

  3. This is my favorite page design yet...I love it-the pictures, colors, and fonts are perfect!

  4. Big congrats on making the Top 10!!

    Good work on getting the page titles organised :) I think you did it a little differently to me, but I guess that's HTML right? Many ways to skin a cat or something... gosh that is a terrible saying!

    Good luck for the comp!



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