Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Nap time:

Dear sweet, wonderful, beautiful nap time:

I'm so happy I got to visit with you today. Thank you so much, for letting me slip into your realm of dreams, where I am able to forget about the stress that life has overwhelmed with me this week.

I'm sorry it has been so long since we last visited, but I'm sure you understand. With little bit, school and a sick hubs, I haven't had an abundance of time. 

I'm glad I stood by my decision to to see you, instead of visiting the gym today. You see, the gym has been some what of an antagonist lately, and today, good rose above evil, as it always should.

Today, my lovely dream friend, was a good day. You rejuvenated me! To anyone worried about aging, don't spend money on expensive creams, injections, or surgery, take a nap! A nap has the ability to restore power, to align the stars, to create peace on earth! 

I might have a crush on you. 

If anyone doubts the ability of a nap, go a week with barely any sleep, then take the worlds greatest forty winks, and you will quickly understand. 

Thank you again, for being so kind to me. So inviting, considerable, attractive, and a whole thesaurus of the same words. 

I hope to see you again soon.

Your new BFF,



  1. Nap and I have a fairly long history ... we are dedicated to each other ... totally committed! Nap has so much to give and to so many ... I'm thrilled that you got reacquainted!

    Here's to Nap! :-)

    How could I not follow a blog with a heading that reads "One Delicious Life"? Answer: I can't so ... I'm following (found you through Wednesday Blog Hop).

  2. i remember these days.
    Newest follower from Wedns Frugal invitation blog hop. Love for you to stop by too. HOsting a $20 gift card giveaway just for being a follower.



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