Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Wait, I Have a Blog?

The glass of wine I had last night was well deserved after the week I've had, that's all I have to say about that. 

I love blogging, and sharing my story, but I didn't have any time for my little blog last week because I was shoved under a pile of school work and studying. Even if I did write about my week, you probably would have stopped reading because you would get so depressed. 

I don't want to share too much about the unfortunate events that took place in the past 7ish days, because I don't want to relive them, just know that it was busy, stressful, and sleepless. Never have I cried because of school before, oh but I did...a lot. 

I used to love school, but now I have an entire list of adjectives I would like to use to describe it right now, none of which are pleasant.

However, I did have a lovely, well-deserved, relaxing weekend. 
My mom kept Kynlee and I showered myself with dreams, it was magical. Just what I needed after a joke of a week. 

I know a lot of parents my age who would take a weekend away from their young child, and turn it into a weekend full of partying, and hungover mornings. For that reason, I felt so guilty for having my mom watch Kynlee. I was afraid I would be judged as a lazy mom who wanted a weekend away to do whatever I wanted. Corey wouldn't let me feel guilty though, because we're doing this so she can get used to staying away for a few nights for when Corey and I go to Florida in a month. Besides, I spent it sleeping, doing school work, cleaning, and crafting. Did I have a glass of wine? Hell yes, but I would hardly call that a crazy child-free weekend. 

I loved being able to catch up on my crafts. 

For Christmas, I made one of these wreaths for my sister-in-law. She asked if I would make her one for her class-room door, and of course I said yes! I had fun with this one:

I also made a tutu for Kynlee's Valentine's photo-shoot, which I am planning for later this week. 

I'm so excited to take her Valentine's pictures, I hope to have them up by Monday or Tuesday.

Even though I was happy to relax for two days, and catch up on crafts, I missed my girl so much. I don't know how I'm going to handle being away from her when we go to Florida. 


Corey and I have never celebrated Valentines Day, but I guess I was feeling a little sentimental this year since it's our first as a married couple, so I decided to do a little somthin-somthin for him.
I received a coupon for a free photo-book when I bought my camera a few months ago, so I decided to make Corey a book about our wedding day.
I just got it in the mail today, and it turned out so good.

*so glad someone made me aware of the error. Instead of it saying Courtney and Corey, it says Corey & Corey. Luckily, I just checked, and it was totally their fault, so I can get it fixed!*

Was that a random enough post for you? Oh well, it's my blog, remember? :)

Now it's time to go submerse myself in Chemistry homework. I hope everyone has a fabulous night!


  1. the book says Corey & Corey, but its way super cute! and i looooove that wreath!

  2. hahaha omg I just now realized the error. Totally not my fault. Thanks for pointing it out, so I can get it fixed



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