Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow Snow Go AWAY!!!

I hate snow! I don't think you understand...I HATE snow. Maybe it's not the snow, it's probably the cold. Yeah, that's it. I HATE cold weather!

I know I get on everyone's nerves complaining about it so much, but I hate everything about it. I loathe how cold weather makes me feel. I'm a tropical flower, I need the warmth of the sun! 

I'm sure you remember how miserable last winter was. I had never been so excited for warmer weather to arrive as I was last year. 

When summer finally graced us with it's presence, I was one happy camper. I was the manager at the Black Mountain Pool, and I always had people asking me if I was miserable because I was pregnant. I kind of laughed at them, because I loved it.

I love the heat, and I love my skin always feeling warm. I love being able to walk outside in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops. I love driving with the windows down feeling the warm breeze across my face...ahhh, I better stop I'm making myself sad. 

I remember sitting in the guard shack, or on the pool deck and trying to embrace the warmth, and remembering how it felt on my skin. Is that weird? You know how you have a memorable moment, or you are on vacation and you try to take a mental picture, and make that place in time last as long as you can? That's what I do with summer. 

Why am I sharing my love of summer with you? I'll tell you...It's December, and I am not happy. In Boone, we have already experienced our first winter storm. I know all of my friends and family down the mountain are saying "well we have too!" You don't understand, winter in Boone is winter on steroids.

Our first experience with snow this winter was 6-10 inches and constant winds above 40mph. Not to mention it was COLD! 

We're supposed to be getting our second round of winter weather starting Sunday. Surprise surprise we can expect blizzard conditions. Why can't it just flurry here and move on its way? Oh right, because it's Boone!

One of the reasons the hubs and I are trying to move into a new apartment is because we live on a terribly steep hill that spills out onto a busy road, and never see's sunlight, and snow plows seem not to care about it. We also live on the third floor, and the stairs and parking lot never see sun either. So we still have all of the snow from the last storm, none of it has melted. I am terrified of slipping down the stairs with Kynlee in my hands.

Luckily Corey was off work the last time it snowed so we didn't have to try and conquer the hill, but when we left the next day we went down sideways despite having 4-wheel drive, luckily Kynlee wasn't with us that time. 

Since this next storm is supposed to be a doozie, I think I'm going to pack up and head to Asheville with Kynlee. Not only because I don't want to experience blizzard conditions, but I can't risk having an emergency and not being able to get out with Kynlee, especially since she is starting to get a little sick. 

I absolutely do not want to leave the hubs, but he has to work, and we both decided this was a good decision. I wish we could just get a hotel room down on flat ground to ride out the storm, but we simply can't afford that.

I understand that I can't leave town every time it snows, but I will cross that bridge when I come to the next storm. Who knows, maybe by then we can be in a new place. 

For now, I am going to start packing mine and Kynlee's things to enjoy a much more calm winter storm in Asheville. Stay warm everyone!

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