Wednesday, December 22, 2010


yesterday/last night was UH-mazing!
why you ask? that's a good question, i will tell you!

baby k was the best baby yesterday and last night. as you can see from yesterday's post, the hubs and i were pretty worn down from the rough two nights we had. i never thought i would be happy to have her in childcare, but it was a nice break to relax while she was gone yesterday and early afternoon.

when we went to pick her up she was napping in her crib, and didn't move a muscle when i picked her up to put her in the car seat. i assumed since she hadn't had any sleep the night before, she would sleep all day and have a hard time going to sleep at night. 

she was the happiest baby when she finally woke up. we played, she entertained herself while i finished making gifts, and i can proudly say she is now taking all naps in her crib. 

night time was approaching and we were starting to wonder how the night would go. the hubs rocked her to sleep with a paci around 11 and laid her down in the crib. we knew she would be getting hungry soon so we weren't going to be completely shattered if she woke up in the next hour. 

she did in-fact wake up around midnight, but i was still hopeful, so i fed her then tried to lay her back down. alas, there would be heartbreak when we laid her down only to have her wide awake and giggling in the crib. even though she was wide awake the hubs and i agreed laughing was better than the crying we have grown used to. 

we decided to let her stay in the crib as long as she was happy, so we turned on her mobile and hoped she would continue to entertain herself. 

then came the miracle...about 10-15 minutes later, baby k, the baby who refuses to go to sleep, was asleep, and she got that way all by herself!!! 

the hubs and i did a happy dance. no, seriously, we danced, and high-fived. we defeated the restless little monster, and it felt oh-so-good, and sooo rewarding! 

it gets even better. we didn't hear a peep out of our little love bug until 5am, then she happily ate and went back to sleep until 11am! yeah, you read that right, 11!  

this was a blissful day in the world of parenting. i was so in love with my k-bug this morning after having a restful night. i can't believe she put herself to sleep, i am one proud momma. i only hope she continues this awesomeness tonight.

wish us luck!

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