Tuesday, December 21, 2010


to say that the last two nights have been miserable would be an understatement.
i feel like i could create a blog just about baby k's sleep habits, it would be titled "baby k: a sleep saga."

k will go a week sleeping great, then she will have a bad week, but the last two nights were like nothing i have experienced before. 
usually no matter how bad she sleeps we never have a problem actually getting her to bed. we'll give her a bath, then feed her and lay her down, and she goes right to sleep. she might not stay that way long, but she goes to sleep.
we actually have it down to a schedule were we lay her down at 11:30 which is a huge improvement for us!

now comes the reason for this post: i haven't been this tired since baby k's first few weeks of life. it's been a struggle getting her to bed. she'll cry and cry, and all we can do is walk her around or rock her. rocking her and giving her a paci will finally put her to sleep, so we'll lay her down only to have her wake up anywhere from 5 seconds, to an hour later, i always hope for the latter. 

usually when she wakes up from a nap she is happy and smiling, but when she has woken up the past two nights she is so angry, so i know she is still tired. 

we have been really good about making her sleep in her crib, but the past two nights we have resulted to laying her down in-between us in our bed so we could try to get her to sleep with a paci. here is the worst part: when she slept with us last night she only woke up once, but i get a sleepless night making sure she is ok. i'm almost desperate enough to crawl in her crib with her. 

today is the first day i have been happy to have baby k in child care. because i stayed up with her last night, corey volunteered to take her to child care so i could sleep in, and boy did i sleep in. i slept until 2, and i wouldn't have woken up if we didn't have to take our books to campus then pick kynlee up. 

i have literally been in my pj's all day.

i know there are several reasons why she could be having trouble sleeping. even though more sleep would be great for me, i want her to sleep so she will be rested, i wish i knew what i could do to help her. 

in the mean time i will stay in my pj's and hope for a better night.

{i look so happy for having a sleepless night}


  1. Hi Courtney! I dont think we have ever met, but i did go to highschool with Corey, ive known him for awhile. Anywho, i just came across this blog on FB and figured maybe i could help with some suggestions! Hopefully they will be some help!
    I have a little girl too, going on 7 months on the 1st and believe me she has done the exact things as you have described about your little girl! It sooo hard not getting any rest and although she past this stage, she STILL has her nights.
    First of all, You should def. order a booked called "The Baby whisperer" you can get it cheap on Ebay. omg its the BEST! I have read it since Natalie was first born, it teaches you so many things you have never known or would think about!

    You said that she goes to bed right after a bottle or yall rock/walk/sing whatever, i use to have to do the same thing and it would seem she was or i KNEW she was FAST asleep and then as soon as id put her down, its like she knew i wasnt holding her, and she'd CRY! Same goes for the paci, when it fell out!
    Believe it or not, although all that stuff it seem she cant go to sleep without (paci, rocking, even bottle!) actually has nothing to do with it, it YOU she wants! This is what that book says, and its seriously true.
    I do not believe "crying herself to self or the ferber method" but there is another technique called "pick up/put down" you should def. read up WORKS!
    All this takes alot of time,effort, and patience...and is soooo hard. Noone will ever understand til they have a child of their own, but all this hard work is SO worth it, right!?!

    Anyway, You NEED to get that book! I know you cant always go by that a book says afterall you know best, but its great guidence girl!

    Good luck, you and corey! Yall have a beautiful little girl!

  2. This is Keri Payne btw!

  3. Poor thing it's so hard to go though sleep issues! Hope she is better for you tonight. I love you header by the way she is adorable!!



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