Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kynlee's First Few Days of Childcare.

As you can tell from this post, I wasn't too thrilled to take Kynlee to childcare. 

I've been watching her myself all day every day except for class since she was born, and I hated the thought of handing her over to a group of strangers in a strange place. 

Kynlee is a very fussy baby sometimes, and I was afraid that the providers would say she was too fussy for them. I know you're thinking that I shouldn't be worried about that because she is a baby and babies cry, and they are used to that. But the infant room isn't really a "room" it's just a corner sectioned off by a book shelf and a doggy door (I know sounds awesome right? Remember this was our third choice).

They said she was a little fussy the first day, but I expected that with a new place, and not being used to eating from bottles all day, so I shrugged it off. We kept her home the next day because we were snowed in and she was a happy baby for most of the day. Then comes the third day....

We dropped her off the next morning and everything seemed fine. Hubs and I decided to go to lunch because it's not often we get to eat alone. Right after we got our food, my phone started ringing, and I saw it was from the heart kinda flipped because I didn't know why they would be calling me. 

I heard Kynlee screaming in the background, and the woman over the phone said she has been crying like this for a while, and she had a temperature of 100.5. They also said that she had been pulling at her ears, and that they were sensitive to the touch. I was one guilty and sad momma. 

I picked her up and we were at the doctor 30 minutes later. The doctor didn't find anything bad, just the beginnings of an ear infection, probably from drinking out of bottles. But you have to understand, Kynlee was pissed! I was expecting something seriously wrong. Doc said she could just be really in-tune with her body, and not like when anything is wrong with it.  She seemed to know what she was talking about, so we got some antibiotics and ear drops and headed home. 

As soon as we walked in the door Kynlee was laughing and smiling like nothing was wrong. We kept her home today just to monitor and see how she was feeling. While she does seem to be fussier than normal at times, her ears don't seem to be bothering her to the extent of crying her eyes out. 

We're taking her back tomorrow, but I really hope all this fussiness isn't because she is having a hard time adjusting to being away from home. 

She might not be staying at this daycare too long though, because we received some awesome news today. Our top choice for childcare is the Appalachian State Child Development center, it's the best place in Boone, they have 5 stars, and they cater to students. This was the first place we put our name on a waiting list (last December), and last week they told us we wouldn't have a spot until March, but the director e-mailed me tonight and said they have a spot opening up at the beginning of next semester! This made me one happy momma!

We're going to take Kynlee back to daycare tomorrow for what might be her last day there, since we really don't need childcare over break. Hopefully she will have a better day. 

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