Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sugar and Spice...not so nice!

So Baby K starts child care on Monday. I know I should be ecstatic that we finally got into a facility, but I am absolutely dreading it!

First of all, this place was our third choice, so that basically means it's the worst child care facility in the world. 

The hubs and I went and took a tour of the facility when we turned our paper work in on Thursday. Before we walked in, Corey said "just remember, before you jump to conclusions, it's an old building." Like that was supposed to make me feel better about the sign barely hanging on the wall, the door halfway off its hinges, and the poster that ever so nicely said "beware."

I opened the door to an overwhelming smell of laundry gone sour, and poopy diapers. When I shook the hand of the director, I was suddenly afraid for my life at the sight of her claws and fangs. 

{Professor Umbridge...scary!}

On our tour, we encountered many snotty noses, and kids running around infecting each other with their germs. I saw kids playing with sharp objects, and a dead rat in the corner. 

I won't even mention the filth I encountered in the infant room. Or the ex-convict that was the infant care provider. 

By the time we left I was in tears. How is my daughter supposed to be able to survive this excuse for a child care center. 

Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit. But I really am dreading taking her on Monday. I am going to be a hot mess. If I could, I would keep her home with me all day, but if I want to graduate, this is my only option.

I hate that when she is upset, mommy won't be able to soothe her the way she likes, and her attention will be split among three other babies.  I hate that she is going to get sick. There is no way around it, it will happen, and I will feel guilty. 

Even though this was our third choice, they are obviously a good choice. It's a four-star facility that has been open for 16 years. I still have my eyes set on the best though, so she will stay there until we get a spot at ASU Child Development.

Although I will miss her terribly, I'm sure I will get used to it. I am looking forward to being able to go to the back to the gym though.

{We miss you Jessica! I wish you could watch her all the time!}

Wish me and baby K luck for Monday, I am definitely going to need it.

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