Sunday, November 21, 2010

So thats what sleep is...

I don't know what happened to Baby K, but she has decided to let mommy get tons of sleep this week. I'm talking real sleep, REM cycle sleep, I had dreams! 

The past few weeks have consisted of waking up every two hours, which produced one cranky momma. Last Monday, I was prepared to have yet another sleepless night when I laid Kynlee down at 12:30am, but when she woke up to eat, I saw sunlight coming in the window. It was 8:30! I couldn't believe it. She even slept another couple of hours after I nursed her. 

That's how its been all week, 7 or more hours of sleep before waking up to eat. 

Last night Baby K fell asleep while I was rocking her on my lap, so I figured I might as well try to lay her down. I realize I should have went to bed with her so I could get some sleep, but I was really looking forward to reading a new book. 

She stayed asleep, while me and Lover got the longest amount of quiet time we have had since we became parents. We both just sat in the living room reading a book, it was magical.  Ah, the simple things in life. 

Like I said, I don't know what happened to my daughter, but I'm loving it. It would be nice if this was permanent, but I know not to get used to anything anymore. 

Even though I might not get a lot of sleep sometimes, it's all worth it when I have moments like this. 

(I realize it's sideways, but I can't get it to rotate.)

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