Saturday, November 20, 2010

2am Change and Decorations!

Most of you know by now how much I hate my apartment...Loathe might be the better word. Because we've been trying to find someone to take over the lease, and move to a better place, it has made it difficult for this place to feel like "home" to me. 

We spent a lot of time and money into making Baby K's room special, but she hasn't slept in it once. In fact, we rarely go in there except to get clothes. 
For as long as we live here, she will never sleep in there, especially since it is getting colder outside.
See, we have baseboard heating (which scares the poop out of me anyways), so that means there is no way of controlling the temperature of the entire apartment at once. We can't monitor how warm or cold it gets in her room, so we really don't want her sleeping in there. 

She has been sleeping in her pack-n-play in our room, so she hasn't used her crib once. Since she can roll over now, the bassinet that is connected to the pack-n-play is getting a little small, so we moved the crib into our room so she can finally use it!

After we did that we realized we could find places for everything else in her room that we never use. So at 2am last night, or this morning rather, we rearranged the apartment. 



Now we can use the changing table, and the rocker, which have just been sitting in her room. Even though I still hate the apartment, at least things are a lot more useful. But now we have an empty pointless room, that we still have to pay for =/

Finally, even though the place doesn't feel like home, we still wanted to decorate for Christmas:

Now all we need is a stocking for Kynlee...and a better, safer apartment =)

And just a random picture..

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