Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Bow Crazy!

I think it's official; Mommy has gone accessories crazy! It started off as a few simple lace headbands, but I can't help it. Kynlee looks too stinkin cute in bows, and flowers. Call me crazy, I don't care! But I guarantee, she will wear every single one!
My face lit up yesterday as I opened a package from the mail main, containing more items to add to my pile of cuteness. Yes, this is my actual collection of headbands. Before you go jumping down my throat, and saying I should be spending money on diapers instead of hair accessories, you should know that this entire compilation only cost a little over $30, and some of them I made. I found this awesome website that sales everything for wholesale. For example one big flower was .40 cents, and the crochet headbands were $1/each. The crochet hat was $2.99! Other websites sale one headband with a flower for $15.00. So don't call me crazy, call those moms buying one headband for $15.00 crazy.


  1. I won't call you crazy. Let me show you my several hundred dollar diaper stash. Then we'll see who thinks who is crazy. :-)

  2. At least you don't have to spend a lot of money on diapers!



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