Monday, November 22, 2010

Food or Exercise, hmm...

Mommy only got two hours of sleep last night. Before you say I spoke too soon with my last post, it wasn't Kynlee's fault. I have a big problem of not being able to calm my head long enough to fall asleep, and last night that problem got the best of me. 

I won't go into too much detail about that story, because it's really lame. No really, I just laid there for five hours...lame. 

Anyways, I was planning on taking a big nap when the hubs got out of class today, but it was so beautiful outside, I had to go for a walk. In the days leading up to winter, I try to take advantage of every last warm day. 

As soon as lover got back to the apartment we set out for the Greenway. It was so nice to get out and walk, which is something I should really be doing more of. 

Well, the beautiful walk only lasted for approximately 10 minutes, before my little tummy started rumbling. I was starving!

The apartment has been a little empty when it comes to food. Corey has been working more salary jobs, than tip jobs lately, so we haven't had that great of an income the past week or two. Which means no food for mommy. 

Sometimes I'm okay with not eating breakfast or lunch, and scrounging up food for dinner, but today I was starving! 

So my very much needed exercise took a backseat to food, like it always does for some reason. 

Oh well, I'm sure Little Ceasers appreciated my need to eat....I should've just taken a nap. 

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