Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello friends! Again I apologize for the long pause in my updates. I won't even give you a reason, because it's the same every time. I need to start keeping notes during the day with everything I want to talk about, because every time I start a new post, I always forget what I was going to say. Oh well, hopefully I will remember everything.

Lately Kynlee seems like she is more upset than she is happy. I thought we were over colic, but sometimes I wonder if that isn't the case. I just feel like she is pissed all the time. It doesn't help that she hates being on her tummy, but now that she has learned to roll over on it, that's all she does, and it makes her upset every time.

She can be so happy when we play. She will smile and laugh, and then thirty seconds later it's like you took her favorite toy away! I feel like she hates me, and the only reason she keeps me around is for my teetas.

It gets worse at night. Even though she is a late sleeper, I still try to keep a bedtime routine. I started giving her baths at 10pm, then fed her and laid her down. I was so happy when it worked the first week, she always went to sleep right after she ate. Then one night, she decided that she was no longer going to bed, but instead she was going to take a nap, and not go to bed until much later.

I quickly put an end to that late night nap, but now it seems like we have to soothe her for hours until she finally goes to sleep sometime around 12 or 1am. It's getting so tough. Sometimes I'm desperate and just put her in the swing, even though I don't want her to rely on it. She fights going to sleep so bad, and it makes mommy so tired. I don't know how much more I can handle.

She has also decided not to sleep as well as she used to. I thought I had a miracle child, because we would lay her down around 10 and she would put herself to sleep, then sleep for 5-7 hours, eat, then sleep for another 4 hours. Now she wakes up every 2-4 hours and it's getting old!

I get so angry when people tell me my child is spoiled. I'm not going to let her sit there cry. No, I don't pick her up with every little noise she makes, but I'm not going to let her get choked form crying either. Kynlee happens to be soothed by movement. If she was spoiled then I wouldn't be able to put her down all day. Even if my child was spoiled, it obviously hurts me and makes me angry when I am told that, so it's really not the right thing to say.

Wow! Sorry for the little rant you just experienced. I'm just exhausted from school, and having to deal with Kynlee's newfound sleep habits, or lack there of. On a lighter note, school seems to be going pretty well. I'm almost certain I have straight A's. I would have the best semester of college the one time I have the biggest distraction. If I make the Chancellor's list this semester I should get the super mommy award!

Hopefully I will be giving everyone another update tomorrow! Until then, enjoy your precious sleep, while I stay awake with the night owl that is my daughter.


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  2. As usual I have my commentary. I was afraid that Miss. Kynlee Would develop some not so favorable sleep patterns later. Tyler did that. He was never a good sleeper, but he went from bad to terrible when he started reaching milestones. Is Kynlee maybe teething? Maybe that is the source of her grumpies? Amber teething necklaces are my treatment choice. Clove oil applied directly on the gums has amazing results from what I'm told as well. Spoiled? No. Next time tell them that a babies cortisol level begins rising one minute after they begin crying and if no one is attempting to console them it continues to climb. Then let them in on the fact that it causes permanent changes in the brain. you just stop spoiling that baby Courtney and let her cry it out! (Note the heavy sarcasm.)

  3. Haha thanks Christa, I do believe she is teething. The amount of drool that comes out of this child is ridiculous, and she has been a lot fussier. She really likes the refrigerated teething rings, but she's not quite sure how to hold them herself. Luckily she slept really well last night. I told Corey the next person who tells me she is spoiled is getting tackled =)



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