Sunday, March 27, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

Milestones are always something a parent looks forward to. You're always waiting for your baby's first steps, first words, and various other firsts that make you excited to watch your child grow. What you don't think too much about  is your baby's first trip to the ER. Let me tell you, it's not fun. In fact, it induces all types of mommy stressors that are not welcomed. 

Baby K has had an ongoing double ear infection for 3 weeks now, and started her third antibiotic last Monday with the hopes that this one might do the trick. Fast forward to last night. She didn't sleep well at all. We just thought her ears were still hurting her. Little did we know that our girl was having an allergic reaction to her medication. 

Corey got up with K this morning so I could sleep in, but that lasted all about twenty minutes. He yelled at me to come look at Kynlee, and my little momma heart started racing when I saw my girl with red swollen ears, and hives starting to break out all over her body. When I say swollen ears, I'm talking my little girl looked like Alfalfa. 

We didn't know if this would stop at hives, or if her airways would start to close up, so we were out the door and on our way to the ER within 3 minutes. We're lucky that it takes us 30 seconds to get the ER, and it's not typically busy on Sunday mornings, so we only waited about 2 minutes before they took us back.

After all is said and done, Kynlee bear is allergic to the penicillin family just like her mama. Her oxygen levels were perfect, so we were just instructed to give her Benadryl throughout the day until it went away. 

My mother-in-law, who is a nurse, came up to help us keep an eye on her, just in case. I wasn't too worried, because she seemed like she was doing a little better with the Benadryl.

You think I'm kidding about her looking like Alfalfa

I couldn't believe how swollen her ears had gotten.

As the day progressed, she didn't seem like she was getting better. In fact, her hives were getting worse. They covered her body, and were starting to swell up. Corey's mom called an ER doctor at her hospital back home for a recommendation. He told us the hospital up here should have given her a shot of Prednisone, which is basically a steroid, so he called us in a prescription in liquid form. 

Needless to say we weren't happy with the ER today. They seemed very passive about the whole situation, and they didn't even keep us long enough to see if she was getting worse or better. I really wish her doctor's office had been open. 

Tonight I gave the poor girl a bath because she had such a rough day, and I was hoping it would cheer her up. Although her ears went down a bit, the hives were still pretty bad.

 {That's enough to hurt a mama's heart}

Now, here I am at 11:45pm with a baby that can't sleep. The last bit of Benadryl seemed to make the hives a little better, but they haven't gone away. We're taking her to her doctor first thing in the morning. Oh, did I mention I have a lab report due and an exam tomorrow? Yeah, that's not going to happen. 

I just want my girl to get better. This has been going on too long. I have no clue what they'll want to do with her ears now that she is allergic to the medicine, and they are still infected :(

If you don't mind, say a little prayer for us tonight, and hope our little bear gets better. 


  1. Oh no! Bless her heart! I'll say a prayer. Hope things get better. I'm sure there's some kind of antibiotic they can give her that's not in the penicillin family.

  2. Oh poor little poppet!! I hope she is feeling 100% soon x

  3. Feel better Kynlee!! Poor baby!



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