Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sleep Saga Continued

It is no secret that Kynlee hates to sleep. You can read my blog to know that we struggle with having consistency in her sleep patterns. Sometimes she is awesome, sometimes I feel like a zombie because I didn't get any sleep, there is no in between for her.

The few weeks leading up to our Florida trip she had a pretty consistent schedule, but it was something that we needed to change before my mom watched her for a week. She would usually go to sleep around 8:30-9 and wake up around 3 or 4 to eat. That's not that bad, except that she didn't want to be put back in her crib after that, she wanted to sleep with us. I love sleeping next to theory. You see, the hubs is a big guy, he's about 6'5''! That, plus a thrashing-limbed baby, leaves little room for the 5'4'' mama in the bed. Besides, we wanted Kynlee to get used to being put back in her crib, so my mom wouldn't have to deal with it.

We figured out a great solution. When we laid her back in the crib after she ate, we would roll her on her side and get her real close to the bumper, then put our head as close to her as we could, and patted her back until she went to sleep. We tricked her! We made her think she was sleeping next to one of us, but we would sneak away, and enjoy the rest of the night in our own bed.

Fast-forward to Florida. One of the things I was most excited about was the amount of sleep I was going to get that week. I could sleep all day if I wanted to (I did sleep until 4pm on one rainy day, no judging)! When we got back Kynlee was sick and had a double ear infection. Going from unlimited sleep to 30 minutes of sleep at a time was a harsh transition. It was a big welcome-back to motherhood.

She refused to sleep in her crib when we got back. We could lay her down for naps no problem, but come bed time she wanted to be in our bed, even if we weren't there. I was thinking it would be no problem because we could just go back to what we tried before. Little did we know that she discovered how to sit up by herself while we were gone. Now every time we lay her down, and she doesn't want to sleep in the crib, she'll shoot straight up, even if she is exhausted, and I can't leave her there for a few minutes to fall asleep herself because she doesn't know how to lay back down. I also had to lower the crib because I discovered her standing up after a nap. It was already hard for me to lay her down without bothering her because I'm short, now it's even worse because I have a longer way to lay her down. It's just a bad combination.

I guess all of this rambling just means I'm tired. I'm not complaining because I would much rather be tired and exhausted because of her being awake, than her not being here at all. I'm just having a hard time staying focused in school because I'm exhausted. I miss being able to sprawl out in bed, I would take up the whole thing If I could. I just hope she gets better soon, so we can all feel a little more rested.

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  1. I hope you get some rest soon. It's so hard when babies are sick, poor little thing. Glad you had a lovely, restful time away - I need one of those!
    Glad to see your blog back BTW xx



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