Friday, October 1, 2010


This past week has been pretty awesome because Corey had 4 days off, so we got to spend a lot of family time together. But as we know, all too well, all good things must come to an end. So now I'm sitting at home, very bored. I know, bored isn't usually a word in a mother's vocabulary. But Kynlee has been a sleepy baby tonight, I don't have any school work to do, and for once the apartment is clean! So I figured I would give everyone an update!

 When I found out I was pregnant, I tried finding some resources through the school that would make things easier. The only help I found was through the Women's Center, who offered free pregnancy testing. Please, I can get a test from Wal-mart (which I had already taken 6 before I found out about the free ones on campus!) So pretty much they tell you that you're pregnant then send you on your way. I think I did okay though, with the exception of a difficult teacher who made it her point to tell the class that having babies is the best way to ruin a marriage. Before you ask, yes, she knew I was pregnant. I told all of my teachers at the beginning of the semester, in hopes that they would be understanding if a situation ever came up and I couldn't be in class. Ironically enough I had to take a marriage and family relations course that semester, and the teacher enjoyed watching me suffer as she made fun of pregnant women. I would sit there silently as the rest of the class burst out in laughter at her jokes, because none of them knew I was pregnant. Well, things became even worse when I actually had my daughter. We have been on waiting lists for childcare since January, and still haven't gotten in, which has caused me to drop a class, potentially setting me behind in graduating. You would think that the campus would offer some sort of childcare designated for students, because they want you to stay in school.  Of course, I can't be that lucky. I wish I knew who to talk to, so I could make the school aware that there is a need for these resources. Well, even though I don't know how to get my school to help people, I was hoping that I could help young women who find themselves in this situation. Can I just say I have been watching Jersey Shore so much lately that every time I hear the word Situation, I can't help but think of Mike's abs haha. Anyways, I have been toying with the idea of writing a book about how to survive college through pregnancy and motherhood, because I want people to know that yes, it will be hard, but with the right help, and motivation, it is possible. I've been making excuse after excuse to put off writing the book. The biggest one being that I had no clue how to get it published. Well, my public speaking class took care of that. I had to give a speech on how to get a book published last week. Life can be so ironic huh? Well, now that I know how the process works, I guess I have no more excuses, except time maybe. But even if I set aside 20 minutes a day, it will get done eventually. So maybe since I am so bored tonight, I will get started on an outline. I really hope this works out, I think it would help a lot of young women. I just have to keep motivated. So wish me luck everyone!

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