Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is probably the worst possible time to update my blog, considering I have a huge Environmental Health test to study for, but there is just so much going on that I need to share with someone, or something! If you've been keeping up with my blog then you know we are trying to get a new apartment. Well, we found an amazing apartment for the same price as what we're living in now. It's brand new, and it is huge! One of the two closets in the master (yes I said 2 closets!) is the size of a small nursery! The living room, kitchen and hallways have wood floors, and the kitchen has granite counter tops and new appliances. There is also Central heating and air, and an amazing washer and dryer! I'm such a mom to get excited over a washer and dryer, but you haven't seen the one in our apartment. Seriously, it's the smallest one in the world. It's also not on the side of a mountain so we don't have to worry about the drive in the winter. The only thing standing in our way of getting this new place is finding someone to take over the lease where we live now. Even though we would be renting through the same company, they won't let us switch the leases over. I have put ads everywhere I could think of, but even though I am getting some responses, I can't stop stressing over it. I'm worried that by the time we find someone the apartment will be gone. I just feel like we're meant to get this place, so we can be more comfortable with where we live. So everyone please pray that everything works out!

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