Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If colic is like a temperature, then hopefully it will be over soon.

Kynlee's colic is worse than ever! It seems to be at it's peak. She usually starts around 5pm, but the past few days the crying has started around 2 and lasted until sometimes midnight. You know how a fever will "break" and go away? Maybe that's how it will be with her colic. Maybe she has to peak, and then it will disappear! But phew, it is exhausting, especially when I am trying to study. Tonight I am going to try giving her gripe water. It is a safe and natural remedy, that claims to ease colic. I'm desperate and will try anything, so lets hope it works! Especially because Daddy has the night off again for my night class. I hate that Kynlee is usually fussy for him, but I like that he gets to experience what I go through while he is at work. It's nice that he appreciates how hard it can be sometimes. I think Kynlee feels bad too, because she slept sooooo good last night. She slept 12 hours, and only woke up to eat once. I guess all that crying wore her out. I'm not complaining!

 On a happier note, I am so excited for tonight. Yesterday we negotiated a deal. Corey had to stay up all night studying for a test, so I took over watching her. Tonight when I get home from class, I get an hour to myself (probably during Teen Mom). Corey is going to watch Kynlee, and I am going to go in the bedroom and just lay there. I can't express how excited I am! The longest I have been away from Kynlee is 4 hours, but since I was in class it can't technically be considered a break, so this will be my first true break from mommyhood. Oh boy am I excited! Wish me luck with the gripe water!

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