Monday, September 13, 2010

Colic is a four letter word!

I love my little bundle of cuteness so much, but sometimes she ain't so cute! Most of you know by now that Corey has school during the day, and work at night. So I am alone at night watching her. It seems like from the time he closes the door to leave, until the time he comes home she is wailing at the top of her lungs. I would like to think she just misses her daddy, but we all know who she loves more ;-) After talking to the doctor, we've determined she has colic! I have dreaded this from the time I found out I was pregnant. The definition of colic is unexplained crying for 3 or more hours a day, 3 or more days a week, for 3 or more weeks. I'm jealous of those lucky parents who's children only cry for 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week. It seems like Kynlee cries 4-5 hours, every night of the week! There is no clear reason why some babies get colic, and some don't, but I don't know if an answer would solve my problem. No matter how many times I tell people she has colic, they all seem to want to tell me her stomach hurts. This is not directed towards any one person, and if it applies to you, there are no hard feelings. It just gets hard to hear people tell me her stomach hurts her every time she cries. When we go somewhere, or someone comes over, I always warn them that she usually gets fussy at night. But every time she cries and won't stop, they all say "Oh her stomach is just hurting her." I usually respond, "No, I don't think so, that doctor and I agree that she has colic, and she is always fussy at this time of night." That's when hear, phrased in so many different ways, "No, no, no, her stomach is hurting her trust me." No offense, but you're not qualified to make that decision. I would probably agree sometimes that her stomach was hurting if I hadn't already tried giving her gas drops, or massaging her belly, or the fact that she is crying at the same exact time period she usually does. Okay, sorry for the rant, I'm done. I'm sure there is at least one person out there who can sympathize with me. Maybe you haven't dealt with this exact situation, but I'm sure you have had at least one case where someone tells you what is wrong with your kids, when you didn't realize they had the credentials to do so. Oh well! I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the mean time, I'm just going to ride this colic train out, and hope for the sanity to get me through it. It's really tough sometimes, but like I always say, she is so worth it.

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