Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catching up...

When I started this blog, my intention was to update it every other day or so. But being a mommy doesn't allow that type of freedom. I've had a hard time finding the time to update everyone, not only because I have Kynlee but because we have also been in the process of moving into our new apartment in Boone, and we've been out of town visiting Corey's side of the family. Anyways! Kynlee is now a little of 3 weeks old, and time is flying by fast! I'm glad she came early, because it gives me and Corey time to get settled into the idea of being parents before classes start back up. If it were up to me, I would love to take the semester off and spend all my time with her, but I know if I was to do that, I would never go back to school. I only have three semesters left, so even though its going to be very hard, I'm going to try to finish on time. I am dreading taking Kynlee to childcare though. I don't like being away from her for even an hour, I don't know how I'm going to handle an entire day away from her.  It's been great being at home, and having my mom for help if we need her, but Corey and I are very ready to be moved into our apartment. It's hard being married, with a child and still living with your mother. The only reason I'm living here this summer is because my doctor was in Asheville, and I could work at my old job as the manager of the Black Mountain Pool. So even though I don't want to start classes, I really want to be back in Boone....But Kynlee is doing great, last time we went to the doctor, which was 5 days ago, she weighed 7'4, which the doctor says is good. Being a mother is definitely the most exhausting, hardest thing I have ever done, but at the same time, it is also the most rewarding. It can be frustrating when she won't sleep at night, and when she wakes up to eat it's hard knowing I am the one who has to get up because I'm the one that has to nurse her. But at the same time, it's all worth it when I see her smile for a split second (even though smiling right now probably means she is passing gas) I would do anything for that little girl, and I absolutely love being a mother so far......  I'll try not to go weeks between my next post!

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