Monday, November 21, 2011

Life After College

Graduation is quickly approaching, in 27 days to be exact. Not that I'm counting. I finished my internship last week and I don't have any work for my last 4 days of classes. 4 DAYS! So after I write a paper for my internship, I'm done. Four and a half years of college, and I'll finally be done!

It all seems so nice, until I start to think about what's going to happen after I move that tassel from right to left.  I'm not worried about jobs. Corey is looking and applying, but he's is going to keep his job as a backup if we don't find anything.  The main thing I can't stop stressing over is where we're going to live. It would just be nice to know what city it will be. I go to bed thinking about it every night. 

Even if we stay in Boone for a while, we have to get out of the apartment we're living in. This is a great place for two college students, but it's not the right place to live for a family-- especially one that is about to grow. When we signed the lease, we had no clue our apartment would be on the third floor. I didn't think it would be an issue until I had to climb up three flights of stairs with a car seat while recovering from a c-section. It's getting hard enough now that Kynlee is 16 months old and I'm getting more pregnant every day. There is absolutely no way I can make it up the stairs with Kynlee and a car seat. Not to mention if I have to carry bags or anything else too. Winter is awful too because of snow and ice. Corey has already fallen down the stairs, and it wasn't even that icy. I am terrified one of us will fall down the stairs while holding Kynlee, and you might have heard falling down the stairs can be bad for pregnant women. The stairs isn't our only issue, but it's definitely one of the biggest.  I also don't feel comfortable raising small children in a building where there are constantly drunk college students hanging out and partying. 

We've had our condo listed on Craigslist for a few months now, and there are no interests. We went in to our rental company's office to talk about our lease options a few days ago...let's just say I left in tears. They have been nothing but flat out mean to us. Even if there is nothing we can do to get out of our lease, we just want understand it, and know all of our options. No one there will even sit down and talk to us about it. Luckily our campus is awesome and offers free legal advice to students, they even have off-campus living legal advice. We called to make an appointment, and they set us up with a woman who specializes in our rental company! We're going to see her tomorrow, and I'm actually excited. This is the most hope I've had since all this mess started.

 If we get out of this apartment I will feel so much better about our plans after graduation. This way, whenever we're able to make final decisions about where we're going to live, we can go ahead and find a house instead of being stuck here. I'm just ready for this stress to be over!

Other than our housing issues, I'm going to try and enjoy these last few weeks leading up to graduation. We will still be using Kynlee's childcare for December, so the days that I don't have class I'm going to RELAX and I'm so excited about it. I'm going to nap, read, and hopefully craft. I took these things for granted before I became a mom. I know it sounds pretty awful to think about sleeping while Kynlee is at daycare, but we're paying for it so we have to use it, and I worked so hard at my internship and school, I feel like I deserve a little bit of rest. After December 16th, though, I will finally get to be a stay at home mom! I'm really excited about it! I already feel like one since Corey works at night, but now I get to play with my baby girl, and soon baby boy, all day. 

Wow, I just realized how boring all of this rambling is. I'm just so stressed out, and I guess blogging about it makes me feel better... At least in theory. Wish us luck with the lawyer tomorrow!

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  1. I can't believe you are about to graduate and already 20 weeks with that little boy!!! So very very excited for you! And I agree with everyone on Facebook...we need a bump picture!

    You definitely deserve some rest mama! Don't feel guilty at all about taking some time for yourself while Kynlee will be having a blast a daycare with all her little friends!

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well!



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