Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Halfway There!

I can't believe I'm already halfway through this pregnancy. Kynlee makes life go by pretty fast, so I figured it would go by quickly, but I didn't realize how quickly. I'm already 21 weeks, when I feel like I just found out we were having another one.

I've been very fortunate to have another easy pregnancy (so far). Besides suffering through a stomach bug this past weekend, I haven't had any morning sickness! If I had to go through what I went through Saturday, every day, I would be miserable. I don't know how mama's who have morning sickness do it. They deserve a prize.

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. I would have been way more excited if we were finding out the gender, but we found out very early that it was a boy! It's very unusual to find out the gender at a 12 week sonogram, but there was absolutely no way to deny that this is a little boy.

That's him at 12 weeks. You can even see his pee pee....dooter....package? from the side. Definitely a boy :) Our ultrasound yesterday confirmed it.

What a creepy face, right?

Ultrasounds are fun because you get to see your little bun in the oven, and find out the gender, but they are also important for making sure the baby is healthy, and to look for problems. Unfortunately right now I have placenta previa.

If you have placenta previa, it means that your placenta is lying unusually low in your uterus, next to or covering your cervix. It can cause bleeding and lead to other complications, and means you'll probably have to deliver early. It's even more dangerous for someone who has had a previous c-section. Fortunately for some women, this problem fixes itself along the way, and there is no other cause for concern. I have another ultrasound on Dec. 27th to follow-up on it. If it is still there, then it's very likely I will have to take precaution for the rest of my pregnancy, and I'll definitely have to have another c-section, probably around 37 weeks. I had Kynlee at 37 weeks as well. It was a nice surprise to see her early, and not have to suffer through 3 more weeks of being huge, but I would prefer that Avett cook as long as possible. BUT hopefully, this will all go away and I won't have to worry about it!

Other than the placenta previa, things are going well. I'm past the stage where I'm exhausted, and have to go to bed at 7:30. Now I’m having to get used to moving around with the growing belly. I didn't get to post the first picture of my baby bump, so here it is at 14 weeks. 

And here it is again at 20 weeks :)

And of course I have to share a picture of me and Kynlee Bear :)

(Ignore the weird change of font in the middle of the post, I have no clue what happened, and I can't fix it.)

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