Friday, July 15, 2011

Life with a one year old!

I know I have mentioned that Kynlee isn't a good sleeper about 5,201 times on this page, so it shouldn't be a surprise when I complain about it again. I've tried every method known to man to convince her that sleep is fun, and when she sleeps we all feel better the next day. I even drafted up a nice flow chart once detailing all of the benefits of a good shuteye. She peed on it.

Okay, not really, but she does resent me sometimes for trying to help. Excuse me for wanting all of us to get sleep, right? The most frustrating part is I could try for an hour, laying her down multiple times for her to wake up. Then Daddy gets home from work and puts her down within 5 minutes. I love him for it, but I want to tackle him and beat the secret of success out of him. Kynlee prefers Daddy to put her to sleep, but guess who is at work during her bedtime? Yup, I figured you were smart enough to figure that out.

I know she will work it out eventually. With my luck, she will learn how to be the best sleeper right when we have our second child and have to start the whole process again. I keep telling Corey we should go ahead and try to have our second one while she is sleeping like this so we will be used to it.

Oh well, who can complain about this face?

I know you are dying to know what's going on with my extravagant life. Nothing exciting, I promise. It's July 15 and I still don't feel like it's summer. Luckily Anatomy, aka the class from hell, is over so I'm not spending all of my summer on class, but I still have Sexual Deviance. It's fun, but it's still school. During the summer. Need I say more? 

On the bright side, it has given me more free time, which I have used in the gym. Growing up I was always playing sports, or doing some form of exercise. I felt restless if I wasn't doing something active. Having Kynlee converted me from Athlete of the Year, to Kind-of-a-couch-potato of the Year. I don't feel like I need to lose weight, but I do need to tone and firm things up and get back in shape. I've spent almost every day in the gym since second session has started and I feel great! I hate that Corey has a night job because there is a fitness boot camp starting on the 25th for 4 weeks that I am dying to go to. It's every day at 6, and Corey only has two nights off a week. So if any of my friends want to volunteer to watch her from 6-7 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays that would be great! And when I say volunteer, I mean volunteer. As in for free?!? Ha I know, I know, waaay to much to ask for. A girl can dream right?

Oh hey, have I mentioned that my girl is ONE? Crazy right?

She can be the sweetest girl, but I can tell she is starting to have her own opinions of how she wants things done. Take something away from her and she will let you know exactly how she feels about that. Corey was holding her one day when we were picking up some sandwiches, and she grabbed my sunglasses. I tried to take them away and she started to play keep-away with me. Have I mentioned that Corey is 6'4"? She won that game. She thought that was so absurd of me that she shunned me. I tried to take her from Corey and she turned her back, and wouldn't look at me the rest of the time.

She is also really good at turning a spotless apartment into a disaster zone. If I take too to long make her meals, she will show her feelings with an ear piercing scream that can crack any terrorist. And if I even think of leaving her in the crib crying for any amount of time she curls up in the fetal position muttering gibberish that sounds like "it will never end!" Have I mentioned I want more kids?

She is growing up so fast!

Remember The Tongue? Well she can now do it on demand. I tell her to "do the tongue" and she promptly does this...

She learned that in an hour. But try to teach her to point to Mama or Daddy and she stares at me like I'm stupid.

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