Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am toddler, hear me ROAR!

Growing up, when I turned a different age I always wondered if I would magically feel different the day of my birthday. Of course I never did, and I don't believe its possible to see a huge change in someone in the course of a day, even though they are a year older. I expected the same of Kynlee, but little did I know the day she became a toddler on July 2nd, was the day she embraced the battle cry "I am TODDLER, hear me ROAR!!!"

Things are little bit louder, and little more stressful around the Moser house lately. Kynlee discovered quickly that she can have a voice in how she wants to spend her time. A very LOUD voice. Taking things away from her are no fun, but it must be done, and I brace myself every time anticipating a busted ear drum. She also knows exactly what she shouldn't be doing too. Like touching the fan, or turning the TV screen. She will stare at you with a deviant grin on her face, all while you say "NO!" or "Stop that!" until you walk up to her and she starts crying because she had to finally give in.

Even though the toddler years might also bring about a more independent, and demanding child, it also brings out a brighter, more vocal child. I'm amazed at how much she has grown in just the short time since she turned one. She knows several commands, even without a hand motion. Like, "Give it to me," or "Go get your paci." She will dance when you tell her to, and of course the legendary tongue can be seen on demand.

One of my favorite things to do with her is play patty cake. I never really played it with her before, but in just a week she started doing it by herself. I'm not just talking clapping her hands while I sing. She will clap, roll her hands when you say "roll it" she will "pat it" then when you say "mark it with a B," she will point to her hand. She learned it so fast, and it's so cute.

Whether it be an ear-piercing scream or a snotty-nosed kiss, I love every thing about that little girl. I love watching her grow, and I'm so excited to watch her become more articulate and to interact with her more.

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