Friday, June 17, 2011


My life has been overcome by anatomy and physiology. I feel like I spend every second studying or doing home work. I'm in this class for 2-5 hours a day, every day of the week, starting at 8am...torture! I don't feel like this is summer at all! I know taking this class will help me graduate in December, but it's at the cost of not getting to spend the summer months with my girl. Luckily this hard class will be over next Friday, and next sessions class won't be as tedious.

I will be so happy to spend my one week's vacation with my family starting next Friday! During that time we will be celebrating my little Kbear's first birthday! My, my where has the time gone. This time last year I was sweating it out managing a pool every day in the blazing sun, with a big ol' belly poking out. Can't believe it has been a year since I laid eyes on the girl that changed my life.

Speaking of the little booger, we've had ups and downs in the "Kynlee Sleep Saga." About two months ago we finally made the step to have her sleep in her own room, instead of ours. We spent all day rearranging, and now we have our own separate bedrooms. It was a glorious night to be able to go to bed early just so we could lay in bed watching TV, and not having to hush our voices. It seemed to help a little with all of us getting more sleep too. I only wish Kynlee could be consistent with things. Her bedtime is usually the same every night, so that's not the problem, its whether or not she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Sometimes she will surprise us and sleep through the night, without eating, and not waking up until we do. Then other nights she will wake up absolutely hysterical, and won't calm down until she is fed. It's so frustrating because I know she is capable of sleeping through the night, and she gets enough to eat during the day. There is no reason for her to be waking up hungry. She is almost one for crying out loud! I could handle it better if she would go right back to sleep in her crib without eating, but she wants to eat, then get in bed with us.

I almost found a solution by getting myself up right before she typically does and feed her before she can wake up and become angry. She would go right back to sleep in her crib, and we didn't hear anything until morning. I did this a few nights, and then stopped feeding her and she didn't wake up. We were so happy, but of course that was short lived. It's a huge cycle for her. She will go from sleeping all night, to waking up and getting in bed with us with no problem, to being the worst sleeper and then the cycle will start over again. Right now we are in the terrible sleep phase, so I'm hoping the good nights will start any time now.

Other than sleep, Kynlee has been a great little baby. I can't believe how much she has grown.. I feel like I've seen the biggest change in her these past two months alone.

She is walking all over the apartment now. It's so funny when she walks because she raises her arms in the air, and the closer she gets to her destination, the higher her arms get until she gets there, then flings are arms down. She expects a round of applause afterwards...It's a huge accomplishment.

{Yes, Minnie is still always close by}

She has expanded her vocabulary from just "dada" to "nana" (thats what she calls me apparantly) "hey" and minnie, or "ninnie." When you ask her "where is Minnie?" She starts freaking out yelling "ninnie," and looking around for her. 

She is also learning how to throw quite the temper tantrum...hello toddler years!

The tongue barely makes an appearance these days, but when it does it is still funny. 

I have so enjoyed this first year, and I'm sad to leave the newborn and baby days behind, but am very much looking forward to watching her grow and learn even more during her toddler years. Oh my how this crazy girl has changed my life, and I do mean CRAZY!

Gotta love her though!


On a side note, photography is still going great. I had fun taking engagement pictures for this cute couple last weekend. 

I have a very fun photo shoot planned for my girl's one year pictures :)

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