Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh this thing?

Oh my. I know, I know, yet another blogging hiatus. I could say I was busy with finishing the semester. I could also say I was busy loving on my baby girl. If I'm being honest, the real reason I haven't blogged in a VERY long time is because I reinstalled my internet browser which cleared all of my saved usernames and passwords. I know that's not a big deal, but I couldn't remember my password and I was contentedly embarrassingly too lazy to take the time and click the "forgot password" button. You don't have to say anything, I know how extremely lame that is.

However, when I feel a creative a creative streak coming on it makes me want to get back to my blog. What more of a reason to be creative than my little girls first birthday!! It really snuck up on me. She turned 11 months on the 2nd, and I realized I should probably start planning. Her absolute favorite stuffed animal is her Minnie Mouse. She takes it everywhere, so I knew she would love to have a Minnie party. I wasn't too excited about the idea only because I wanted to do something cute and unique, but when we passed Minnie Mouse decorations at the store the other day she started freaking out. I am super excited for the crafts I'll be making for it. My favorite is her outfit I have planned :) I can't believe my girl is going to be one. More on that later though. I really should catch up on this thing.

Summer school has been keeping me away from my photography, but I finally have another shoot tomorrow. I'm excited to do another engagement session. Hopefully I'll be able to put pictures on here soon.

I would say that I promise to keep up with this thing more often, but I wouldn't want to lie. I do however want to try because it is a great way at documenting my family. Here's to hoping I will blog more!

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