Friday, April 15, 2011

The Tongue of Legend

you've all heard about it. you've all seen it. the tongue. 

this has been her trademark since birth. 

there is the one month old tongue

...the 2 month tongue

...3 months

it miraculously disappeared for month 4 for a temporary replacement...the finger

the finger was still winning for month 5

this month also begins the signature blank expression

the blank stare really took off the 6th month..

...and the drool

...she was also a dog in her former life

i thought by 7 months it had been long enough without a tongue sighting that we wouldn't see it anymore. just the usual suspect..

...and then it happened
the tongue, duh duh duh

oh the tongue

now, at 9 months, it's unstoppable.

it's there when she smiles,

it's there when she cries,'s even there when she poops.

in the end, i must admit it is pretty freakin cute.

let's just hope it goes away in the next year....or not. she'll look real cute with her tongue sticking out in her prom picture. 

on a side note, i misspelled tongue every single time. oh well. 


  1. OMG This made me laugh so hard! Prom. Hahaha! She's SOOOOOO cute. Tongue or not.

  2. Hi Courtney!

    Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog! What a beautiful baby girl you have! I hope my tips will help you. Your photos are already so beautiful. Just keep practicing on that perfect subject you have there! ;)

  3. You are an awesome photographer! I loved this, it is soooo cute.

  4. I love this post! She is so cute tongue & all ;)

    P.s- You take such amazing photos



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